"As the first TV channel in Germany RTL2.de has integrated the games of Playa Games. From the now four-year partnership, a friendship has now arisen. We appreciate Playa Games the loose but professional manner, the high quality of the games and the ingenuity of the makers.
We are looking forward to all new products of Playa Games, and of course they will be from the start at ‘RTL II games’."
Markus Piesch, Vice President Online, RTL 2

"We value the creators of Playa Games as excellent game developers with the right instinct for the market, the necessary business sense, impressive pragmatism and as likeable partners."
Hans Ippisch, Publishing Director, Computec Media

"Online gamers set high standards for the visual depiction of their favorite games. At Playa Games, Akamai Technologies ensures the quick worldwide delivery of graphic artwork - and as a result, global gaming fun."
Jürgen Metko, Sales Manager, Akamai Technologies

"As a German company with more than ten years of experience in the international mobile payments sector, we are naturally very pleased when German companies bank on our solutions. We're convinced that the combination of Playa Games and mopay guarantees international success, and we look forward to a continued collaboration with what we consider a very innovative and high-growth company." 
Steffen Ruppert, Vice President, mopay



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